Copywriter: Nelle Thomas      Art Director: Kate Fitzgerald

bragging rights.

As part of my 2018 summer internship at mcgarrybowen, NY, we completed a two-part competitive project mimicking a new business pitch. In part 1, we had to choose a company that we thought mcgarrybowen should bring on as a client and pitch it to the new business team. In part 2, we had to complete a strategy and campaign to pitch to the "UPS team" (mcgarrybowen leadership). My team won both parts.

thinking small, delivering big.

We found that UPS needed a new way to target small and mid-sized businesses with their business services. Our strategy was built on the idea that the rest of the industry is focused on talking big, meaning referencing their big capabilities. UPS's current work blends in to this conversation. We moved to reposition UPS with a message that is true to its brand and a stronger differentiator in the category. UPS knows that getting to the big things takes focusing on every single small thing.

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