she exists

Nelle graced the arms of her parents in 1996, Year of the Rat. Following an entirely normal childhood in Davidson, North Carolina, she headed south to the University of Alabama. After dabbling in Paleontology, Art History, Ball Room Dance, and more, she realized her destiny was to study advertising (Mom was right, as usual).


she writes things

No one owns more journals than Nelle. She has hoarded them all her life, and filled them with juicy gossip, well-crafted song lyrics, several DaVinci-inspired sketches, and endless opinions. When given the option between Copywriter and Art Director, the choice was clear. Nelle keeps her skills sharp by editing for publications, ruining Twitter for others, calling her senators, and tirelessly working on her portfolio.


she does things

An effective creative must stay inspired. Nelle gathers her inspiration by traveling as much as her wallet will allow, cooking, and doing something new every day. She never misses an opportunity to eat crème brûlée but often misses opportunities to clean her room.